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FEBRUARY 03 2010 TO FEBRUARY 09 2010

WEDNESDAY February 3

1:55 p.m. Police Service, Liberty Way; 2:05 p.m. Police Service, Liberty Way; 4:14 p.m. Burglary& Criminal Trespass, Sybil Ln; 4:16 p.m. Animal Involved Incident, Pinecrest Rd.


THURSDAY February 4

7:18 a.m. Abandoned 911 Call, Snowdrop Ln; 8:47 a.m. Paperwork Service, Chase Brook Cir; 11:35 a.m. Police Service, Liberty Way; 6:00 p.m. Paperwork Service, Liberty Way; 7:45 p.m. Police Information, Garden Dr.


FRIDAY February 5

9:39 a.m.  Alarm, Derry Rd; 1:33 p.m. Animal Involved Incident, Greenwich Rd; 2:00 p.m. Police Service, Liberty Way; 7:02 p.m. Paperwork Service, Corning Rd; 8:28 p.m. Police Information; Nesenkeag Dr; 9:28 p.m. Alarm, Talent Rd; 9:30 p.m. Speed Complaint, Charles Bancroft Hwy.


SATURDAY February 6

3:15 p.m. Police Service Welfare Check; Bristol Way.


SUNDAY February 7

2:09 a.m. Stacey Adair 34 of Hudson, was Arrested for DWI and Driving after Suspension; 9:44 a.m. Police Information, Nesenkeag Dr; 11:15 a.m. Paperwork Service, Colonial Dr; 11:40 a.m. Paperwork Service, Woodland Dr; 3:50 p.m. Abandoned 911 Call, Lori Ln.


MONDAY February 8

3:15 a.m. Identity Fraud, Liberty Way; 4:28 p.m. Abandoned 911 Call, Halsey Ct; 7:51 p.m.  Domestic Violence Act, Mason Dr; 8:37 p.m. Paperwork Service, Snowdrop Ln.


TUESDAY February 9

2:00 a.m. Medical Emergency, Bristol Way; 8:04 a.m. Paperwork Service, Locke Mill Dr; 5:53 p.m.  Alarm, Martin Ln; 7:42 p.m. Civil Standby, Mason Dr.


Posted on 22 Feb 2010 by LitchfieldPD

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